Ship Design & Conversion

System integrations

At Saltwater, system integration is defined as the design and the associated implementation of a system. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless coordination and functionality throughout the entire system architecture. Saltwater’s primary focus in System Integration involves the design, assembly, and implementation of a system or multiple systems within a vessel or unit. Saltwater’s engagement with different systems highlights a broad spectrum of projects such as: Steering arrangements, propulsion arrangements, switchboards arrangements, HVAC diagrams, cooling water arrangements, stabilizer arrangements and many more.


Saltwater consistently aims to engage the end user in the system development process. This is based on the understanding that, without this involvement, feedback regarding preferred system configurations often arises later. By involving the customer early in the development process, Saltwater reduces the lead time, thereby positively impacting the engineering budget. Emphasizing a customer-centered strategy in all undertakings, Saltwater strives for exceptional quality in every facet of its services. With the belief that this approach not only meets but surpasses all expectations.

Our track record


Double BWTS design

Designing a ballast water treatment system onboard the Prins der Nederlanden and Oranje.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam

This three mast clipper needs refitting and upgrading before starting the SDG World Tour.

Zr. Ms. Pelikaan

The Zr. Ms. Pelikaan vessel is in need of a midlife update.

Ship Design & Conversion_System Intergrations Leaflet System Integrations Mock-up

Our field of expertise

System Integrations

Saltwater excels in system integrations for vessels and units, focusing on design, assembly, and implementation. Our expertise covers a diverse array of projects, including steering arrangements, propulsion setups, switchboards, HVAC systems, ballast water treatment systems, cooling water systems, stabilizers, and more.

What sets us apart?

  • Strong partnerships with subcontractors and industry partners ensuring seamless project execution
  • The design process is shaped through collaborative input from end-users
  • Our standard design flow typically transitions from large to small diameters.
  • We work exclusively with industry-standard software.
  • Final deliverables conform industry standard