Ship Design & Conversion

Concept design

Saltwater is known for their expertise in custom naval engineering. By partnering up with clients, they identify with their business plan. Investigating the client’s situation and demands, gathering all the information needed to create a vessel design that meets the client’s expectations. Saltwater collaborates with its clients rather than dictating to them.


Saltwater covers all areas of discipline needed to design a newbuild vessel or convert an existing vessel. By interlinking these areas of discipline, we create the ultimate breeding ground for high-end innovative maritime solutions. Through the application of upcoming trends and the incorporation of renewable energy solutions, Saltwater facilitates the creation of maritime concepts that prioritize operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. From repurposing vessels for offshore operations to adapting them for renewable energy installations, Saltwater Engineering delivers innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry.

Our track record



Saltwater was contracted for a preliminary design for chase vessels.

Buckled hull and deck

Saltwater was contracted to execute a special survey to inspect damage on a floating dry dock.

Energizing offshore wind farms

Saltwater performed a feasibility check to convert the Skandi Sotra to a cable laying vessel to support the offshore wind farms.