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We are offering you the chance to benefit from Saltwater’s knowledge and experience in the naval industry. You have access to some really interesting stuff like white papers, calculation sheets etc.

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Ballast Water Treatment System – Whitepaper

BWTS plays a key role in IMO regulations on managing ballast water.

CII & EEXI Regulations – Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides an introduction to CII & EEXI regulations and the implications for the maritime industry.

Inclining test – Whitepaper

An inclining test is to ensure vessels are compliant with IMO stability regulations.

Hydrogenius – Whitepaper

Een duurzame, innovatieve oplossing om traditionele brandstoffen te vervangen door waterstof.

Rules & Regulations

This Excel sheet contains the Noble Denton guidelines for Marine transportation.

Calculations – Loading condition

The sheet was developed to check combinations of deck load and tank fillings.

Drafting material – Dynamic blocks

Generate a typical pad eye with this dynamic block based on the chosen SWL.