Ship Design & Conversion

Sustainability studies

As the impact of climate change becomes more and more visible, a growing array of trends and studies are emerging. Navigating through these developments can be challenging. Saltwater provides assistance in identifying suitable technical or operational solutions to facilitate adoption.


Saltwater’s experience encompasses a range of key areas including reducing emissions from ships, adopting cleaner propulsion technologies such as ammonia and hydrogen fuel cells, optimizing vessel design for fuel efficiency, implementing ballast water treatment systems to prevent invasive species spread and many more. Emphasizing a customer-centered strategy in all undertakings, Saltwater strives for exceptional quality in every facet of its services.

Our track record


Feasibility study

Saltwater performed a feasibility study into IMO Tier III compliance for a dated vessel.

Tier III Testing Frame

IMO Tier III certification test for main engines and generator of superyacht Y718.

Hydrogenius – Whitepaper

Een duurzame, innovatieve oplossing om traditionele brandstoffen te vervangen door waterstof.