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Weight and stability surveys

Every vessel will need one or more inclining tests during its service life. The primary aim of this test is to ascertain whether the combination of the center of gravity and lightweight falls within the acceptable limits for adequate stability. The frequency of inclining tests varies based on the vessel’s purpose and usage, whether it’s a one-time requirement, a regular occurrence (e.g., for class renewal), or following significant refits or conversions. Regardless of the reason for the inclining test, the procedure remains consistent.


Saltwater specializes in conducting inclining tests for vessels throughout their service life. Our primary objective is to ensure that each vessel maintains optimal stability by assessing the combination of its center of gravity and lightweight. Our team understands that the frequency of these tests varies depending on factors such as vessel purpose, usage, and regulatory requirements. Whether it’s a one-time necessity, part of a regular class renewal process, or following significant refits or conversions, our consistent procedure guarantees reliable results. Trust Saltwater to safeguard the stability and safety of your vessel with our precise inclining tests.

Our track record


Vivre-G Inclination test

An inclination test has been carried out to ensure the stability of a vessel.

Five year survey

Saltwater was contracted by Stena Line to perform the lightweight check for the Stena Britannica.

Double lightweight survey

Saltwater was contracted to perform the lightweight check for two vessels.