Ship Design & Conversion

Basic Engineering

Saltwater is not only the perfect partner for the concept design of your new vessel but also for the basic engineering. During this phase, Saltwater translates the ideal ship design into a final design which is in line with the customers’ expectations.

With this perfect design in mind, Saltwater can set up the first general arrangements and construction plans. This also includes the necessary stability calculations, hull optimization and scantling calculations.


During the basic engineering, the experts of Saltwater take a closer look at the first details. Making FEM (Finite Element Method) analyses, determining which systems will be on board and which equipment is required. While engineering the material take off and total weight of the vessel will be considered to ensure that the design is still in line with the first concept. Saltwater Engineering: Where flawless Basic engineering solutions are delivered with precision and excellence, every time.

Our track record


Nose redesign trash collector

The Ocean Cleanup awarded Saltwater the contract for the redesign of the front (nose) of a trash collector.

Hull of a job

Saltwater was contracted to deliver detailed engineering for the repair works of a container vessel.

Propellor shaft reinforcement

Saltwater has been contracted to research propellor shaft problems. An inspection revealed problems with the propeller shafts.