Maritime Engineering

Heavy lift & transport

Saltwater is your partner in transport engineering, offering engineering assistance for the securement of various types of cargo aboard vessels. The services provided by Saltwater include conducting wave load analyses, FMEA and sea fastening calculations for a variety of vessels and cargo loads. In the Heavy Lift sector, Saltwater specializes in developing rigging designs, loading plans, sea fastening solutions, load spreading, grillage design, deck strength checks and stability calculations.


Tailoring solutions to your unique requirements, our engineers employ the most cost-effective transport engineering techniques and efficient methods. This guarantees the protection of your cargo and vessel integrity throughout sea transport. Our comprehensive services encompass designing and documenting the selected securing approach, along with load in/out procedures where necessary. For special equipment that cannot be stored directly on deck, a grillage or structure will be engineered. During the heavy lift operation and the voyage Saltwater Engineering provides stability calculations, deck strength checks and if necessary structural changes will be verified. Trust Saltwater Engineering to steer your transport engineering initiatives towards success, leveraging expertise that exceeds expectations.

Our track record


Submarine Lifting

Jumbo’s Fairpartner successfully loaded the French submarine ‘Quessant’ bound for Malaysia.

Outrigger frame

Saltwater was contracted to complete the design and strength calculations.

Block baskets

From fabrication to delivery. Saltwater is ready for the challenge.

Ship Design & Conversion_System Intergrations Leaflet System Integrations Mock-up

Our field of expertise

System Integrations

Saltwater excels in system integrations for vessels and units, focusing on design, assembly, and implementation. Our expertise covers a diverse array of projects, including steering arrangements, propulsion setups, switchboards, HVAC systems, ballast water treatment systems, cooling water systems, stabilizers, and more.

What sets us apart?

  • Strong partnerships with subcontractors and industry partners ensuring seamless project execution
  • The design process is shaped through collaborative input from end-users
  • Our standard design flow typically transitions from large to small diameters.
  • We work exclusively with industry-standard software.
  • Final deliverables conform industry standard