Maritime Engineering

Vessel mobilizations

Looking for seamless mobilization or implementation of your vessel or equipment? Count on Saltwater as your trusted partner! They categorize mobilization engineering as temporary structural changes. With its extensive expertise in mobilization engineering, Saltwater effortlessly converts vessel modifications into stress-free undertakings for its clients. Enhancing equipment performance, conducting integration analyses, and delivering precise sea fastening calculations and designs are just a few of their specialties. Saltwater understands the importance of prompt execution in these tasks.


A crucial aspect of any mobilization involves engaging with the local Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS). Marine Warranty Surveyors necessitate that ship owners or operators submit drawings and calculation reports for their approval regarding the operations carried out on the vessel. Effective communication among the client, vessel owner, and MWS is essential to accomplish all processes within the specified timeframe. Saltwater engineers possess the expertise, mindset, and experience to guarantee the success of your vessel mobilization. Whether it’s integrating a single fast rescue craft davit or undertaking a comprehensive modification of salvage works, Saltwater is well-equipped for the task.

Our track record


Mobilisation of a multi purpose pontoon

Salwater was contracted by Boskalis to assist in the mobilisation.

Hatchcover strengthening

The system can be disassembled and placed inside 40-foot containers, allowing the structure to be transported across the globe.

Mooring caisson removal

Five caissons which have been used to moor a spare lock gate needed to be removed and transported.

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Our field of expertise

Vessel mobilizations

Saltwater Engineering specializes in providing comprehensive vessel mobilization engineering services. They excel in carefully strategizing and implementing the mobilization of vessels for various purposes within the domain of offshore activities, such as cable laying, barge operations, and offshore support vessel deployment.

What sets us apart?

  • In-house engineering tools guaranteeing efficient and reliable solutions
  • Practical insight and experience to achieve efficient mobilization
  • Experienced in handling short-notice projects and meeting tight lead times
  • Strategic industry partnerships for optimal production capabilities
  • Saltwater has extensive experience in vessel mobilization for diverse offshore operations