Our field of expertise

Maritime Engineering

Saltwater is your trusted partner for seamless deck integration, mobilization, transport engineering, software utilization, and tooling design in maritime operations. Their expertise ensures stress-free integration of structural components and equipment like bulwarks and crane pedestals, exceeding client expectations with customer-centered strategies. They specialize in temporary structural changes for mobilization, offering enhanced equipment performance and precise sea fastening calculations.


In transport engineering, Saltwater conducts wave load analyses and specializes in rigging designs for heavy lifts. Utilizing advanced software, they tackle ship design challenges effectively, consulting clients for preferred solutions. Their tooling and lifting appliances prioritize safety and efficiency, tailored to marine industry needs for durability and functionality. Saltwater’s solutions are optimized for offshore environments, ensuring seamless integration into various operations with exceptional quality.


Deck integrations

Trust Saltwater for seamless deck integration of structural components and equipment.

Vessel mobilizations

We are your trusted partner for stress-free vessel mobilization and equipment implementation.

Heavy lift & transport

Our engineers employ the most cost-effective engineering techniques and methods.

Marine operations

We utilize advanced software tools to address complex challenges and develop solutions.

Tooling & lifting appliances

Saltwater excels in designing efficient, safe tooling for maritime operations.