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The best is yet to come

Our journey

CEO of Saltwater Engineering

A shift in leadership has provided a much needed momentum to change course. The aim for Saltwater is to accelerate growth and to leapfrog to the next plateau.

Moving forward means moving the needle on the way we do business. It requires shifting gears and stepping-up.

Bold ambitions demand bold decisions.

We are ready.

What sets us apart?

Competent, Agile, Transparent & Reliable

Saltwater positions itself as a partner for custom engineering solutions. A proven track-record demonstrates that we are competent and that we are able to face any naval engineering challenge. What makes us stand out is our agility. Being agile is in our DNA and enables us to adapt quickly and move fast when needed. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and reliable. These are bold claims that we are staking every day. We communicate loud and clear, we manage expectations, we commit to promises made and we take ownership of a situation when needed.


We are competent in what we do. We know what we are doing and why we are doing it. We have a proven track record to demonstrate our competence.


We are agile. We quickly adapt to changing demands and circumstances. Agility is embedded in our DNA and reflected in our (flat) organizational structure.


We take pride in being transparent. What you see is what you get. We believe that what we do adds value and our transparency is a reflection of this belief.


Being reliable is often too easily claimed. We go to great lengths every single day to stake this claim. This is how we earn the trust of our clients.

Our Culture

Our team of professional, multi-disciplined marine engineers is very talented. Every member is equally important and that makes us a tight-knit group. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we work together to meet them. There is never a shortage of interesting, complex, and meaningful problems to solve at Saltwater Engineering, no matter what department you’re in.

Our well known philosophy of “Everything is Possible” is further reflected in the way we do our work. At our office we maintain short communication lines and a very flat hierarchy, this results in a dynamic and fast moving work environment. We provide challenging and rewarding career opportunities and foster a culture wherein every employee experiences respect and opportunity for continued professional growth.

High level of quality


In our business you must be able to rely on a high level of quality. Rules, regulations, certifications and accreditations provide a level of certainty. Saltwater Engineering has the following certifications, qualifications and accreditations.

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015

Sectorinstituut Transport Logistiek

The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry

Netherlands Maritime Technology

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