Saltwater presents Blue Sky, a Service operation vessel, specially designed for the emerging offshore wind market.

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Agile. Competent. Transparent. Reliable.

Partner in naval engineering solutions

Saltwater provides tailor-made solutions for the naval and offshore industry. Our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers offers a broad range of services involving vessel design, mobilization engineering, on-site services, and much more. A proven track record shows that we are competent and can handle any navel engineering request. Together we will find the best solution for your challenge. 

Yacht cruising on sea
Vessel Design
Truck parked in storage area
Mobilization Engineering
Hoist structure
Transport Engineering
Saltwater engineer at location
On-site Services
Structure on a vessel
Engineering Support
Containership transporting cargo across the sea

What sets us apart?

Competent, Agile, Transparent
& Reliable

Saltwater positions itself as a partner for custom engineering solutions. A proven track-record demonstrates that we are competent and that we are able to face any naval engineering challenge. What makes us stand out is our agility. Being agile is in our DNA and enables us to adapt quickly and move fast when needed. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and reliable. These are bold claims that we are staking every day. We communicate loud and clear, we manage expectations, we commit to promises made and we take ownership of a situation when needed.

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Thought leadership

Knowledge, Insights & innovations

Ballast water exiting a ship
BWTS Explained – Whitepaper

In our whitepaper our skilled and experienced engineers share everything you need to know about Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

CII & EEXI Regulations
CII & EEXI – Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, the regulations regarding the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and the Energy Efficiency eXisting Ship Index (EEXI) are explained.

Inclining test, Securing safety and stability
Inclining test – Whitepaper

Inclining tests are key in securing safety and stability. Download our whitepaper and learn all you need to know about inclining tests.

Our fields of expertise

The markets we serve for our customer driven solutions

Saltwater is active in all markets related to the shipbuilding industry: yachting, offshore, repair, heavy lift, and commercial shipping with the main focus on the Northern European region (BENELUX, Germany, UK, and Scandinavia).

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