It’s all about naval architecture, basically this sums up the services we offer.
From simple sea fastening solutions to a new vessel design; no challenge is beyond us.


Saltwater Engineering offers a complete range of services within the field of naval architecture.
Our engineering team will help you meet any challenge and will deliver a practical and cost effective solution.

Discover our services:


Designing and building a vessel is a complex task considering the requirements of the client, usage of the vessel, classification and equipment.

Saltwater Engineering is able to provide a complete solution, from structural engineering to finite elements analysis and from wave load to intact and damage stability analysis. Always with the most efficient building principle in mind.


Mobilisation of a vessel often has to be done within a short time frame, Saltwater Engineering can be of assistance to assure timely delivery.

Saltwater Engineering is your partner in mobilisation and can design and execute vessel conversions, perform equipment performance and integration analysis and provide you with seafastening calculations and design.


Sea transportation of equipment for the offshore, oil & gas, mining or any other industry comes with engineering challenges.

Saltwater is your partner when it comes to efficiency and incorporation of best practise safety methods. We can deliver wave load analysis, FMEA and seafastening calculations for all kind of vessels and loads within a short time frame.

The Zr. Ms. Pelikaan of the Royal Dutch Navy reaches its half of the intended lifespan, therefore a midlife update program is planned.


When a project requires on-site assistance to ensure quick and correct progress, Saltwater Engineering provides numerous on-site services to ship and fabrication yards, shipping and offshore companies and yacht builders.

A few of the frequently performed services are deadweight surveys, inclining tests and damage inspections. Our team of highly motivated engineers possesses a can-do and flexible attitude, enabling them to easily integrate into any project situation and be of great value.


Flexible solution for peak shaving of overload in-house engineering

Everybody knows that when running a project you can be faced with challenging deadlines and the need for additional resources to meet such requirements. Having engineers at our office will save you office space and also possible idle time any secondment agency will charge one of their engineers on-site.

Flexible solution for peak shaving of overload in-house engineering

Custom solutions

Typically works in shipbuilding and offshore industry can be placed into the above mentioned basic service groups; however sometimes a complex job does not fit these categories. This does not mean that Saltwater Engineering is not up for the challenge. Our engineers are well versed in taking on even the most complex of challenges and will deliver unique and cost effective solutions for your specific needs. Due to the diverse and unique nature of our industry one-off solutions are often required to meet the specific project requirements. Using an open mindset and the latest software available Saltwater Engineering is your partner when it comes to any engineering challenges in the shipbuilding and offshore sectors.

Are you facing a naval engineering challenge?