Transport Engineering

Sea transportation of equipment for the offshore,
oil & gas, mining or any other industries comes with engineering challenges.

Transport Engineering

Saltwater Engineering is your partner when it comes to efficiency and incorporation of best practise safety methods. We can deliver wave load analysis, FMEA and seafastening calculations for all kinds of vessels and loads within a short time frame.

transport_engineering_contentThe transportation of any object on a vessel always requires the vessel accelerations to be taken into account. The accelerations can induce large stresses and even movements on the load that is to be transported. In order to counteract these vessel accelerations various solutions from complex sea fastening, grillage and load spreaders need to be taken into account.

Our team will adopt the most cost and time efficient method in order to ensure that your cargo and vessel will not be damaged during the transport. This includes design and documentation of the chosen securing method as well as load in/out procedures when applicable.

We provide:

  • Structural Calculations
  • 2d/3d engineering/drafting
  • 3d visualisation/Ships models design
  • Finite Elements Analysis
  • Wave load analysis
  • Design and Development of Conversions
  • FMEA
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tender support
  • system diagrams
  • Product data (Nesting)
  • Seafastening calculations and design
  • Crane integration
  • Davit integration
  • Towing & mooring analysis
  • RAO analysis


Are you facing a naval engineering challenge?