Offshore Renewable Energy Market

The offshore renewable energy market consists of offshore wind energy,
tidal energy and supporting facilities.

Offshore renewable energy market

This market is still relatively young when compared to the more traditional offshore oil and gas markets; however in the last few years this sector has been gaining a stronger foothold in the entire industry. This is due to multiple reasons among which the main ones are the greater environmental awareness and also the low oil price. Offshore companies that operate in the renewable energy market generally require modifications to their existing vessels and designs of new vessels, support tools and structures.

Offshore companies

In the last few years a definite shift has become noticeable with the key players in the offshore industry diversifying their activities to include the renewable energy sector. Due to the industry still being very young many of the tools that are required for the complex offshore operations are still being developed. As a result of the limited amount of newly developed tolls and vessels many operators are repurposing existing vessels and tools for this market, which creates a whole new set of challenges.

Offshore wind parks

The installation of offshore wind parks is an extremely complex and challenging engineering challenge. The trend is for continuously larger wind turbines to be placed further out to sea, making the entire support and installation infrastructure more complex. The works encompass the supply and installation of the foundations, the entire electrical infrastructure, including the supply and installation of offshore and onshore high voltage stations, inter-array and export cables, and the installation of the wind turbines.

Purpose driven design

A new concept for an “Operations & Maintenance” vessel was introduced in conjunction with some key players in the offshore wind industry. The vessel will be an integral part of the operation and maintenance setup for the Offshore Wind Farm industry. The proposed vessel has been designed taking the aspects minimal handling, efficient workflow, comfort and welfare of the personnel into account. The offshore windfarm industry has very specific and unique requirements, which have been taken into account in the design of this vessel.


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