Vessel design is teamwork

Newbuild vessel design is the translation of client requirements for a new vessel into a feasible design. Usually, clients looking to buy a new vessel know their requirements. In some cases however a naval architect is needed to help define all the requirements the ship should meet. A naval architect will investigate every single demand that affects the functionality and operability of the vessel to be designed. After all, the best vessel design is the ultimate solution within the boundaries of feasibility and efficiency with respect to cost and space. Therefore, a professional vessel design is pre-eminently the result of a good working relationship between ship buyer and ship designer. 

If the exact purpose of the vessel to be designed is unknown or there is insufficient data to support the choice of vessel type, a naval architect can be called in as well. By asking specific questions, naval architects can reveal all the information required to start a preliminary ship design. Matters like ship purpose or sailing areas affect the design and layout of a ship and must be crystallized during the preliminary phase. Obviously, custom-made vessel design is the result of intensive teamwork.    

Designing greener vessels

Besides client requirements, rules and regulations play a crucial role as well. The rapidly changing environmental conditions and rising fuel prices among others force ship owners to make greener and more sustainable choices in accordance with IMO rules and regulations. By defining rules and regulations for newbuild vessels and refits, IMO promotes sustainability as a priority for the entire maritime industry. IMO, classification agencies and flag states each play an active role in this. 

The latest rules and regulations force ship owners to choose alternative fuels. As a result, vessel engineering is increasingly important where it comes to adjusting tank designs and the accompanying facilities. Where newbuild vessels can incorporate these from scratch, existing vessels need extensive physical adjustment. A naval architect can create a vessel design that supports your greenification process. 

Saltwater is your partner in vessel design

We are known for our expertise in custom naval engineering. By partnering-up with our client, we identify with their business plan. We investigate your situation and demands, gathering all the information we need to create a vessel design that meets your expectations. We think along with you instead of for you. 

Saltwater covers all areas of discipline needed to design a newbuild vessel or adjust and existing vessel. By interlinking these areas of discipline we create the ultimate breeding ground for high-end innovative maritime solutions. Our special out-of-the-box approach has proven to be successful for many clients. 

We offer: 

  • help you define your schedule of requirements.
  • create your preliminary design.
  • perform a feasibility study with respect to vessel operability. 
  • cross check with all relevant rules and regulations.
  • create your basic design.
  • write the specifications.
  • support in the detail design if so required.
Vessel design is teamwork

Are you facing a challenge?

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Are you facing a challenge?

Get in touch with one of our consultants

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Saltwater positions itself as a partner for custom engineering solutions. A proven track-record demonstrates that we are competent and that we are able to face any naval engineering challenge. What makes us stand out is our agility. Being agile is in our DNA and enables us to adapt quickly and move fast when needed. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and reliable. These are bold claims that we are staking every day. We communicate loud and clear, we manage expectations, we commit to promises made and we take ownership of a situation when needed.

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