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A unique tailor-made vessel design

Saltwater ensures an efficient building principle and provides a complete engineering solution regarding vessel design. From construction technology to finite element analysis, and from wave loading to intact and damage stability analysis. We create a unique tailor-made vessel design that meets your specific needs. 

The design process of a new ship starts with the expression of the ideas by the ship operator with a particular operational aspect in mind. When the first specifications and requirements have been established, our highly-skilled engineers start with the creation of a vessel design. Often this is an iterative process to 'fit' everything into the design while maintaining technical criteria such as stability, speed and range of the ship.

It is a common format that is supported by various calculation reports and elaborated in-house generated 3D renderings. These renderings make the vessel design more tangible and convey the right feeling. An image always says more than words.

We provide:

  • Structural calculations
  • 2d/3d engineering/drafting
  • 3d visualisation/ships model design
  • Finite elements analysis
  • Wave load analysis
  • Design and development of new builds
  • FMEA
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tender support
  • System diagrams
  • Product data (Nesting)
  • Build specifications
  • Seakeeping/RAO analysis
  • Hull form development
  • Power/resistance
  • Intact- and damage
  • Stability ship manuals (SOPEP, SMPEP, CSM, BWMP, P&A, ETB, etc.)

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Saltwater positions itself as a partner for custom engineering solutions. A proven track-record demonstrates that we are competent and that we are able to face any naval engineering challenge. What makes us stand out is our agility. Being agile is in our DNA and enables us to adapt quickly and move fast when needed. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and reliable. These are bold claims that we are staking every day. We communicate loud and clear, we manage expectations, we commit to promises made and we take ownership of a situation when needed.

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