Heavy Lift Shipping Market

The heavy lift shipping market is one like no other,
it entails the hoisting of heavy cargoes (>300 tons) using shipboard cranes.

Heavy lift shipping market

The heavy lift market is undergoing a significant shift from exclusively topside operations to include subsea installation and decommissioning work. Heavy lifting on land, with a solid footing under the crane, is already a complex procedure; however when the whole system is on a floating vessel a whole new set of variables gets introduced. Vessel stability, ballast to correct heel and trim and the restricted space available all play a role in the engineering of a heavy lift. Stowage plans, hoisting plans, rigging arrangements and seafastening are all items that require expertise and experience.

Single and dual lifts

The actual size and weight of the cargo often determines whether a load will be lifted with a single crane or using two cranes simultaneously. Both types of lifting create their own set of challenges and have specific advantages and disadvantages. During dual lifts the cargo is very stable, in other words does not swing around the hook as with a single lift. On the other hand dual lifts limit the access to the hold of the vessel and also require the load to be displaced between the cranes during the loading process.

Lifting and rigging

In order to lift any specific load the heavy lift operators have a number of specific equipment at their disposal. Shackles, grommets and lifting / spreader beams are all items that are required to secure a load in a safe and effective manner. The combination of the various items is typically described in a detailed rigging plan that takes safe working loads and all angles in to account.

Specialized lifting tools

As most heavy lift cargoes are unique, they require very careful planning and coordination down to the smallest detail. Detailed information on the cargo and of the loading and discharging locations are studied in the preparation phase, often even before a contract is actually booked. In certain instances the cargo requires specialized lifting tools that need to be designed and engineered so that the cargo can even be lifted onto the heavy lift vessel. Our unique approach and out of the box mentality ensures safe loading that meets client requirements and marine warranty surveyor standards.

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