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Shortage of in-house engineering capacity can be a real problem. An unforeseen contract to be carried out at short notice or an increase in demand combined with absence of in-house staff can cause serious deadline stress.

The first solution that comes to mind is a temporary employment agency. While temporary staff can provide some relieve in certain areas, naval engineering is unlikely to be part of them. On top of that, temp agencies charge personnel based on presence, while you need project progress, which is totally different.

Saltwater can help you out. Our engineers can jump in and help you get your work done. We are used to a diversity of assignments and usually provide custom work. Our engineers provide scalable engineering support. They blend into your organisation and provide real project progress. And once this is done, they will gradually scale down their presence from full-time to part-time to frequent or occasional progress briefings in accordance with your wishes.

Are you faced with sudden shortage of in-house engineering staff and need support? Contact our office and find out how we can help you.

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The Draftsman is responsible for producing drawings according to the project specifications. This could either be basic-, or detail engineering. Works can be executed in either 2-, or 3D.

Engineer (Structural)

The Engineer is responsible for the (structural) design of a vessel calculating scantlings, seafastenings, grillages etc. Works are undertaken using hand calc or in specific FEA software (FEMAP & RFEM).

Specialist Engineer

The Specialist Engineer is required to oversee the project and to perform specific calculations using high-end software such as Orcaflex, Octopus, SEASAFE, GHS, PIAS DESPPC and DPCAP.

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Saltwater positions itself as a partner for custom engineering solutions. A proven track-record demonstrates that we are competent and that we are able to face any naval engineering challenge. What makes us stand out is our agility. Being agile is in our DNA and enables us to adapt quickly and move fast when needed. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and reliable. These are bold claims that we are staking every day. We communicate loud and clear, we manage expectations, we commit to promises made and we take ownership of a situation when needed.

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