Engineering Support

Everybody knows that when running a project you can be faced with challenging deadlines and the need for additional resources to meet such requirements. Having engineers at our office will save you office space and also possible idle time any secondment agency will charge one of their engineers on-site.

The implementation of our flexible engineers are far more efficient than having any from a secondment agency which are billed on a “presence model” rather than a “progress model”. Seconded engineers are not flexible in the sense of expansion (there is only a maximum amount of hours one can work during the week) or sudden decrease in demand (min. two weeks’ notice). Whilst our project engineers can easily assign other staff members to create more capacity by making only one call!

Flexible solution for peak shaving of overload in-house engineering

Do you have an in-house engineering capacity shortage? Saltwater can jump in and “blend-in” with the engineering department over a period to become familiar to the style of working.  Once our Engineers are up and running they will slowly pace down their presence from a full time, to a part-time basis. The part time presence can entail only the progress briefings on a frequent basis or a fixed number of days or specific moments in the week all up to the wishes of the client. This way Saltwater Engineering is capable of providing scalable engineering support without the need to accommodate additional personnel on site.

Contact our office for the possibilities and conditions under which we are available for these kind of projects!

Available support


The Draftsmen is responsible for producing drawings according to the project specifications. This could either be basic-, or detail engineering. Works can be executed in either 2-, or 3D.

Engineer (Structural)

The Engineer is responsible for the (structural) design of a vessel calculating scantlings, seafastenings, grillages etc. Works are undertaken using hand calc or in specific FEA software (FEMAP & RFEM).

Specialist Engineer

The Specialist Engineer is required to oversee the project and to perform specific calculations using high-end software such as Orcaflex, Octopus, SEASAFE, GHS, PIAS DESPPC and DPCAP.

We are ready to start any work for with you!
Meet the team picture of George Golea a naval architect at Saltwater Engineering

George Golea

Naval Architect

Let’s introduce George Golea, George is a Naval Architect and part of our team since early 2017. He has a Master Degree in Naval Architecture and performs a wide variety of tasks within the company.

He is responsible for the structural design of grillages, seafastenings using FEA software and basic hand calculations. Engineered lifts, integration of cranes or buckling calculations. With experience in the renewable sector, decommissioning and vessel design the perfect candidate for your project!

His experience and broad background gives you a perfect base for a jump start. The capacity to oversee a project and consult timely with the back office for sufficient resources in a timely manner is one of the many qualifications he possesses.

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