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The Netherlands is known for its outstanding and specialized yacht building industry. With the worldwide economy picking up, this market is benefiting from orders for new designs or modifications and additions to existing yachts.

Centuries of shipbuilding, traditional values of craftsmanship, the latest technologies and cutting edge engineering are all ingredients that lead the Dutch yacht building sector to deliver world-class yachts that are recognizable throughout the world. Yachts delivered by the Dutch yards are renowned for the high levels of craftsmanship and overall quality, a vital part of the process is the engineering phase of the yacht, maintaining the designers esthetics will ensuring technical feasibility is always a challenge.


Large luxury yachts

The superyacht building industry has experienced two main trend changes in the past few years; first, size does matter. In general the superyacht are getting bigger, with several yards expanding the portfolio of yachts from the + 80m range to the + 100m and + 120m segment. This creates a new set of challenges since these vessels accommodate both more crew and passengers resulting a more stringent rules and regulations that need to be met. Second, we see the emergence of exploration and expedition yachts that aim to reach far-flung destinations while also offering the comfortable and sophisticated accommodation that superyacht owners and their guests have come to expect. This includes vessels now venturing into the Arctic; which again create a distinct set of challenges.


Small luxury yachts

The market for small luxury yachts is extremely competitive and diverse, and the key to position a product that is “different” from the ordinary vessels in today’s market. The standout distinctions that yards are trying to achieve can be grouped into innovative design and styling, top notch quality and high-end engineering. Creating a price competitive yacht that meets these criteria is no small task and requires a close working relationship between owner, yard and naval architect.

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