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Feasibility Study

Saltwater was contracted to execute a feasibility study to achieve IMO Tier III compliance on an old vessel. Tier III compliance is usually achieved by means of exhaust gas aftertreatment. With limited drawings and by conducting a vessel survey it was possible to generate a structural model of the vessel, this was then used to fit various treatment solutions.

filtration unit solution 1
filtration unit solution 2
filtration unit solution 3
3D models of the engine room to fit the various treatment solutions.

Carbon reduction

As the impact of climate change becomes more and more visible, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has created an ambitious short-term reduction plan to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in 2030 and 70% in 2050 (relative to 2008 emissions).

To comply with the stricter carbon and energy regulations, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) created the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and Energy Efficiency Existing Index (EEXI) amendments.


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Saltwater provides a full-service engineering solution to ensure vessels are compliant with CII & EEXI regulations and guidelines. Our team of engineers and naval architects is ready to assist in finding appropriate technical or operational solutions that will help you achieve a rating that complies with the criteria. Read more


CII & EEXI Regulations

In our whitepaper we will deep-dive into the following subjects:

  • Reduction plan
  • Ambitious or impossible
  • How to reduce emission
  • SEEMP support
  • Terminology in detail


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