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Nose redesign trash collector 

The Ocean Cleanup awarded Saltwater the contract for the redesign of the front (nose) of a trash collector named the Interceptor 004.

The Ocean Cleanup awarded Saltwater the contract for the redesign of the front (nose) of the Interceptor 004. The Interceptor 004 is a trash collector in the Rio Ozama. This is a river in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

A barrier is placed in the river to catch the plastic and guide it to the Interceptor. To optimize the trash collection, The Ocean Cleanup decided to place the barrier across the river. However, occasionally other vessels need to pass. The barrier needs to be disconnected from the Interceptor to clear the way for these other vessels. The barrier floats along the shore on the opposite side of the river when it is disconnected from the Interceptor.


Saltwater was tasked to redesign the barrier-Interceptor connection that allows for easy connecting/disconnecting. To close the barrier and connect it to the Interceptor after the barrier was opened, the barrier-end needs to be towed to the Interceptor. For the Interceptor to be self-sufficient, the integration of a winch is required. Saltwater designed the integration of the winch into the nose of the interceptor.

The combination of integrating the new connection and the winch in the nose of the interceptor and the high loads proved to be a challenge but a sleek design was manufactured which satisfied all stakeholders. Before the parts were sent off to the Dominican Republic, a load test was executed to verify the connection between the steel parts and the rubber barrier.


Specific project data

Project information


  • Easy to use + high loads
  • Integration in existing design


  • Design of new connection
  • Design for integration of winch and manufactured parts