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Buckled hull and deck

Saltwater was contracted to execute a special survey to inspect damage on a floating dry dock.

Excessive external forces

During docking the deck and hull of the dry dock buckled locally due to excessive forces. To ensure that the vessel could be safely undocked, the dry dock had to be evaluated at short notice. Work started by inspecting the dry dock and assessing where the damage was located and to what extent. After inspection, calculations were performed to determine the actual state of the dry dock. For these calculations all the loads acting on the dry dock were taken into consideration, such as the weight distribution of the vessel and ballast tank fillings of the dry dock.

The results of this initial evaluation showed that the remaining strength of the dry dock was not sufficient to safely undock the vessel. Therefore, Saltwater designed a short-term solution to increase the strength of the dry dock locally. After undocking this temporary structure was removed and the dry dock fully repaired.


Specific project data

Project information


  • Inspecting the damage and designing a solution on short notice

Scope of work 

  • Global and local strength verification of the dock
  • Strength verification of the reinforcement


  • Calculation report for actual bending moments and shear forces
  • Calculation report for strength of the dock
  • Calculation report and construction drawing for temporary reinforcement