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The Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation measures the operational efficiency index of vessels

The CII regulation applies to all cargo, RoPax and cruise ships over 5000 GT.

A Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) is required to contain the vessel’s improvement roadmap. To define the roadmap, numerous design solutions are available to improve the energy efficiency on board the vessel. The SEEMP document will then be submitted for class approval.



The EEXI regulation is a measurement of the energy efficiency of vessels and can be described as a technical efficiency index. In terms of content, the EEXI is about the CO2 emission per cargo tonnage and nautical mile as associated with the vessel.

The EEXI is applicable for vessels with ≥400GT who are additionally engaged in international voyages.

By reducing the installed engine power, a key parameter of the EEXI calculation is impacted. Applying this limitation will have a significant impact on your operational profile, but offers an easy solution when you are required to reduce emissions to match your required EEXI rating.

Due to the differences in vessel design and operational characteristics, each vessel requires its own approach. Generally speaking, the following areas offer design solutions impacting your EEXI rating: mechanical engineering, naval architecture, operational profile and power source. Download our whitepaper for more information about the CII & EEXI regulations.

Main engine(s) data, auxiliary engine(s) data, deadweight, reference speed, and any CO2 emission-reducing mechanism.

The rules will come into force 1st of January 2023 and requires you to comply by your next general survey.

Your required EEXI index is dependent on your type of vessel and the amount of deadweight.

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