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Vlaggetjesdag (‘Flag Day’) 2019

Vlaggetjesdag celebrates the arrival of the Dutch herring in the harbor of Scheveningen.
2019-06-14 Scheveningen

Dutch herring

Originally Flag Day was the day when fishing boats were decorated with flags in the harbor before heading out to catch herring.
Nowadays there are other fishing techniques, but luckily Flag Day remained!

On Flag Day itself, many activities take place that range from ‘Schevenings Tafereel’ where the visitor gets to see various trades of Scheveningen.
There were also activities for kids like old Dutch children’s games.

Boat trip

Saltwater Engineering is a proud sponsor of the annual boat trip organized for the former fishermen of Scheveningen.
This trip is specially for organized for former fishermen and all other former employees of the Schevingen harbor with the respectable age of 65 years and older.

We hope you all had a great day!


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