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Sustainability at Saltwater Engineering: Projects & Methods

Today is World Environment Day; a day established to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment over the entire globe. Sustainability plays a critical role in the maritime sector. At Saltwater Engineering, we believe it is important to find a balance between economic development and ecological sustainability. The drive for an improved environment can be seen in both in the sustainable projects we take part in, as well as our sustainable work methods.

Sustainable projects

At Saltwater Engineering we provide custom engineering solutions for complex problems. Our key to success lies in putting the needs of our customers at centre stage. Similar to our own vision, the majority of our clientele and contractors value sustainable practices. Consequently, our goal at Saltwater Engineering is to practice sustainability and minimizing our ecological footprint, aiming to achieve this in all our engineering solutions. We are aware this goals may add an extra layer of complexity to our solutions, but we believe the outcome is worth the extra work.

As sustainability plays an important role in the projects we undertake at Saltwater Engineering, we are currently active in the offshore wind segment. Offshore wind is a modest but growing business segment for the marine-engineering specialist. Typical examples of Saltwater offshore wind jobs are the development of monopile upending systems, and certified sea-fastening solutions for SIF’s pontoon-based monopile transports.

One of the larger offshore wind projects we have worked on is the decommissioning of two meteorological masts at an offshore wind farm. The current trend seen in offshore wind is the ongoing demand for bigger wind turbines with higher masses and matching rotor size. The main consequence of this ongoing scaling is that is increases the complexity of all operations; from planning, onshore and offshore transport-logistics including stowage to the actual installation phase.

For the meteorological masts decommissioning project, we were contracted to carry out the complete project engineering, a major job involving product and process calculations, detailed stowing, rigging and hoisting arrangements, and describing all additional risks and requirements. Unique projects like these are of complicated nature, and require complex engineering solutions. Our naval and marine experts at Saltwater Engineering are always ready and eager to provide these solutions. Our ‘everything is possible’ mindset allows us to use our expertise in order to play our part in achieving a better future. Projects in the decommissioning and renewable energy sector have become part of our standard works, and these projects offer our people the chance to also implement and see the positive effects of our sustainable approach.

Another one of our sustainable projects is ‘The Ocean Cleanup,’ a project in which advanced technologies are developed in order to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Currently, over 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter the ocean.
The consequence? This plastic is accumulated in 5 ocean garbage patches. If these patches are left to circulate, the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health and economies. The Ocean Cleanup project is the largest cleanup in history, with advanced technologies, the passive systems are estimated to clean up to 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just 5 years time.

We were contracted to assist with the installation engineering for the first cleanup system that is to be deployed in the Pacific in mid-2018. Our engineering team always strives to be innovative and remain on the cutting edge of technology. Being able to apply our engineering skills to this project allows us not only to apply our engineering skills, but also to contribute to the cleaning up of our environment.

Sustainability in our daily operations

Sustainability plays a part in the daily operations at Saltwater Engineering, which means we are not just limited to delivering engineering solutions for the future, but we also put great emphasis on reducing our own environmental footprint. At saltwater Engineering, we are aware that every small step helps, which is why we play our part in achieving a better future.

Becoming a sustainable company is, first and foremost, about our employees and culture. We feel that is is important that our people feel motivated and empowered to look for sustainable opportunities in their works and thus also creating awareness amongst our clientele and contractors. The environmental awareness and mindset can be as simple stimulating our people to use the bicycle to come to work to implementing energy saving in our office building by increasing the insulation and the use of a heat recovery system on our air conditioning system. This has been achieved by fully foam insulating the entire building and installing an efficient HVAC unit with a heat recovery system. Little things help and should not be overlooked, in our daily operations we attempt to work in a paperless environment and enforce recycling of materials.

In line with World Environment Day, Saltwater Engineering realizes the importance of encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Through incorporating sustainable practices in our every day operations, we aim to create awareness amongst our employees, clientele, and contractors.

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