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Sustainability plays a part in the daily operations at Saltwater Engineering, from reducing our own environmental footprint to delivering engineering solutions for the future. Every small step helps and at Saltwater Engineering we try and play our part in achieving a better future. Becoming a sustainable company is, first and foremost, about our employees and culture.

This awareness and mindset plays an important role in our approach to developing our engineering solutions ensuring that our services create environmental, economic and social value. The environmental awareness and mindset can be as simple as promoting the recycling of garbage and the usage of bicycles amongst our employees. Additional steps have been implemented assuring the sustainability of our office building. This has been achieved by fully foam insulating the entire building and installing an efficient HVAC unit with a heat recovery system.

The economic and social values are addressed by being innovative and adhering to good governance issues such as human rights, fair competition, preventing corruption and privacy policies. Health and safety policies along with training and education of our team play an important role in ensuring that Saltwater Engineering has a positive impact on society. Furthermore we support local initiatives that promote the wellbeing of the people living in our neighborhood.

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