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Sustainability at Saltwater Engineering

43 years ago, on June 5th, the first edition of World Environment Day took place. This day was established in order to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment. To this day, World Environment Day is an annual event, and has developed into a global platform utilized for advocating environmental causes.

Sustainability plays a critical role in the maritime sector. Stakeholders of the maritime economy are aware that healthy oceans and their biodiversity are essential for the ecological and climatic balance of our planet. Thus, the demand for sustainable developments continues to increase. Sustainable developments and innovative thinking will reduce the impact of the maritime sector, whilst simultaneously finding solutions for preserving or restoring ecosystems.

At Saltwater Engineering, we believe that it is important to find a balance between economic development and ecological sustainability. Sustainability plays an important part in the daily operations at Saltwater Engineering, as at our office we strongly believe that it is important to be able to carry out our work, without endangering resources for future generations. This awareness and mindset plays an important role in our approach to developing our engineering solutions ensuring that our services create environmental, economic and social value.

The drive for an improved environment can be seen in both our vision, our sustainable work methods, and the sustainable projects we take part in. The following weeks, in the build up to World Environment Day, Saltwater Engineering will highlight sustainability, elaborating the actions we undertake in achieving a better future.

What to expect:
  • Q&A with Mike Stelzer, one of the three co-directors of Saltwater Engineering shares his views on sustainability in the industry
  • Multiple stories of successful past projects in which Saltwater Engineering practices sustainability
  • A detailed account of how Saltwater Engineering practices sustainability inside the office;


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