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Specialist Engineer

As a Specialist Engineer, you’re responsible for designing and analyzing various ship designs and maritime structures. You gain insight into the challenges of the project as well as providing solutions to it. You are responsible for the (technical) content of the documentation, which is set up in consultation with the engineering department. Depending on your experience, you will be expected to provide guidance to a team of colleagues. You ensure timely delivery of the documentation to your manager and keep the budget in mind.

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What sets us apart?

About Saltwater

Saltwater provides customized engineering solutions for the naval and offshore industry. Our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers offers a broad range of services, allowing clients to scale their engineering capacity. Our key to success lies in putting your needs at center stage. In 2020, we have taken a shift in leadership. This shift has provided a much-needed momentum to change course and to accelerate growth.


  • A minimum of three (3) years experience in the technical industry
    (civil, mechanical, marine engineering, or shipbuilding)
  • Background in the maritime sector is preferred
  • Team player with excellent communication skills in both English and Dutch
  • Experience with FEA software (RFEM / FEMAP) & 3D CAD
  • Education level HBO / TU
  • An enthusiastic, independent
    person with a positive attitude
    working in a dynamic environment
  • In possession of a driver’s license
  • Attention to detail

What we provide

  • Friendly work environment
  • Competitive salary and good benefits
  • 39-hour workweek
  • Educational opportunities
  • Challenging projects
  • 25 vacation days per year and an additional 6.5 ADV

What we expect

  • Flexibility
  • Open-minded
  • Relevant Experience
  • Team player

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