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A new visual identity

Building our brand and moving forward.


Saltwater Engineering was founded in 2007 by four naval engineers. With a small team and a hands-on approach, we were able to deliver engineering solutions, fast. Our flexibility, speed and out-of-the-box thinking made us stand out. These traits gave us an edge over incumbents and allowed us to gain a foothold in various markets demanding naval engineering. Over time we have built strong relationships with clients providing us a steady stream of projects to realize organic growth. 


Over the years the company has grown; both in revenue and employee count. To sustain year-over-year growth, management has focussed on building an organization by investing in people, processes and technology. These investments have paid off. The company has grown, the number of projects scaled up and a solid foundation has been put in place to enable further growth.


As we enter the next phase in our journey we felt a new brand identity was required to reflect the way we evolved. 

Saltwater Engineering provides customised engineering solutions for the naval and offshore industry.

The best is yet to come

“Changes in the organizational structure have provided a much-needed momentum to change course. The aim of Saltwater is to accelerate growth and leapfrog to the next plateau.


Moving forward means moving the needle on the way we do business. It requires shifting gears and stepping-up. Bold ambitions demand bold decisions. We are ready.


The best is yet to come.”


Sander Broekmeulen – CEO

A new visual identity

Our new visual language is one of the first materialized outcomes following the change of course. The redesign of our brand is a reflection of our values and clarifies what Saltwater stands for. We truly believe that we’ve created a versatile, visual identity that captures the direction we have taken as a company.


The abstract, minimalist graphic representation of a wave symbolizes what is at the heart of Saltwater: making the unpredictable, predictable. Our engineers use -complex- models to provide clarity where others see chaos. 

logo saltwater

Colour scheme

Our new color scheme and their gradients are designed to emphasize our values. Deep blue is used as our primary color and signals competence and reliability. Bright orange reflects agility and is used to attract attention and call-for-action.

Are you facing a naval engineering challenge?