Dock on submergible barge

Saltwater Engineering was contracted to perform seafastening and (local) strength calculations on a rather uncharacteristic transport. Shipyard Reimerswaal is relocating their facilities and in order to do so they needed to “lift” their drydock from the water and raise it above the locks to realize the transport to Flushing since the dock is too wide for the locks itself. The dock was jacked 6 meters above the deck of a submersible barge and supported on strategic places to facilitate the transport. Saltwater’s scope entailed the strength of the dock and the seafastenings.



Scope of work:

– Realizing sufficient strength in dock for transport

– Calculation and drafting of seafastenings



Dimensions Dock

Loa: 120,00m

Boa: 23,6m

Weight: approx.. 2300 tons

Mobilisation Engineering