400 Ton Steel Repair

A 400 ton steel, 40 days repair challenge
In 2009 Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam awarded Saltwater Engineering the contract to deliver the detailed engineering for the repair works of a 300m container vessel. Initially the damaged area of the vessel seemed not to complex. Saltwater Engineered and modelled prefab steel sections to repair the damage once the vessel would arrive at the yard. After arrival the full nature of the structural damage became apparent. The damage stretched from the bilge to the hatch coaming. The structural repairs that had to be done to frames and the greater part of one of the bulkheads introduces a new challenge.

Saltwater Engineering not only had to engineer and model the steel plate sections, they also had to remodel the vessel to such a detail, that by means of finite element modelling and analysis, the effect of the initial docking and blocking setup of the vessel could be examined. The vessels shoring had to prevent any deformation that would interfere with the patterning of frames and plates to restore the vessel to its former glory.

Due to Saltwater Engineering’s flexible approach and the shipyard’s project management the repair works could be completed within the stipulated 40 days. A truly remarkable achievement.



– Extreme short timeframe

– Generation of as-built information

– Detailed engineering package

Vessel Design