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Offshore Industry magazine #5

Read all about us in the Offshore Industry magazine featuring a two page article:

Offshore Industry talks with Sander Broekmeulen, Partner of the company.
Saltwater Engineering was founded in 2007 to offer out-of-the-box engineering services. Since then, a team of full skilled professionals have been working together for all markets related to the maritime industry: yachting, offshore, repair, heavy lifting, and commercial shipping. “Ever since our start in 2007,” Mr Broekmeulen says, “we have been able to grow, and even this year, despite the COVID-19 crisis and the current oil prices, we are optimistic. Of course, in March our business collapsed, as many assignments were withdrawn, but now we notice a significant upswing. The industry is recovering and starts to approach us again for new projects.”

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Offshore Industry magazine talks with Sander Broekmeulen, Partner of Saltwater Engineering.

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