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New project: Design and Engineering of Accommodation Units

Saltwater Engineering was awarded the contract for the design and engineering of a versatile NOGEPA/UKOOA accommodation unit for placement on different vessels for a major offshore operator. The design of the units needs to be such that the vessel intended to receive the units is easily (de)mobilized with minimal to no structural impact required.

The accommodation units will consist of two loose parts for lifting purposes. The blocks will be placed on top of each other and stairs will be positioned to allow proper access to and from the units.

The design will accommodate 75 survivors all in accordance with UKOOA and NOGEPA requirements. Furthermore one davit with a FRC will be integrated on the top of the accommodation unit; the second required FRC is to be positioned on the existing davit on side of the vessel. Electrical power is obtained from the vessel’s generators via a central connection panel in the units, ventilation and air conditioning will be foreseen through a central unit positioned strategically in the units. The domestic water, the black and grey water will be fed or supplied to/from the vessel’s main systems.

The design codes and standards that will be used in the development of these units:
— MLC-2006

Class Rules, standards and guidelines:
1. Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Part 3 Ship Structures
2. Lloyds Provisional Rules for Launch and Recovery Appliances for Survival Craft and Rescue Boats.

The accommodation block will have a foot print of 11.40 by 8.00 meters and each block will be approximately 3.00 meters high. Check out the designs below.


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