Saltwater Engineering is active in all markets related to shipbuilding industry:
yachting, offshore, repair, heavy lift and commercial shipping with the main focus
is on the Northern European region (BeNeLux, Germany, UK, and Scandinavia).


Saltwater Engineering’s business model is based on flexibility and delivering cutting edge engineering in a timely and cost effective manner. The short communication lines results in flexibility and low overhead making us the perfect partner for smaller to mid-sized and specialized one-off projects or projects in which Saltwater Engineering can be an extension of the engineering department of the client.

Creating more brand awareness and claiming a better position in the overall market is easier when focusing on specific markets. The main markets are described below; but our services are not limited exclusively to these markets.

Offshore renewable energy

The offshore renewable energy market consist of offshore wind energy and tidal energy.

Offshore companies tend to turn towards the renewable energy market due to the current oil price. This comes with modifications to their existing vessels and designs of new vessels, support tools and structures.

Offshore decommissioning

Due to the current oil price offshore platforms become economically unviable and must be removed. We especially see this tendency in the North Sea area.

Offshore companies are developing procedures, vessels and support tools and structures to decommissioning platforms in compliance with the established regulations.

Heavy lift shipping

This market heavily depends on the oil & gas mining industries. Both industries are currently going through some rough weather.

Therefor prices in the heavy lift shipping market are under pressure, but vessels are to be kept sailing. This will result in different kind of projects and a more cost effective and smarter approach. Improvement and standardisation in seafastening, stowage plans, grillages, etc. will be needed to stay afloat. Saltwater Engineering has a broad track record in this market, which is very important for companies with a tight budget.


The Netherlands is famous for its outstanding and specialised yacht building industry.

With the worldwide economy slowly picking up this market should benefit from orders for new designs or modifications and additions to existing yachts. Saltwater Engineering has extensive experience in the yachting industry, this is of great worth to win work in this market.

Commercial (transport) shipping

Commercial (transport) shipping market

The competition in this market is fierce, resulting in a need to provide cost effective, innovative and creative solutions.

Offshore oil & gas

The amount of offshore oil & gas project is declining rapidly, so these companies will go looking for different kind of jobs.

This could mean new ship designs or modification to vessels or tools to be able to enter new markets.

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