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Decommission Dogger Bank Met Masts

The Forewind consortium installed the met masts four years ago to gather data and assess the feasibility of offshore wind projects at the Dogger Bank site. The masts consisted of an 80-meter lattice tower on a 16m² platform, which was mounted on a single pile, secured by a 15-meter diameter wide and 7-meter tall suction bucket.

Seafox and Ardent teamed up with engineering companies SPT Offshore & Saltwater Engineering for the fabrication of project specific interface tools and grillages for the retrieval of the units and placement on the deck of the Seafox-5.
The scope of work for Saltwater entailed the complete basic & detailed engineering of the grillages on board the Seafox-5, the lifting analysis, complete rigging arrangements, seafastenings and the lifting tools. Following the successful delivery of the engineering works Saltwater’s sister company Saltwater Marine Services was contracted for the manufacturing of some of the above mentioned equipment.

Ollie Flattery, SSE Project Manager said: “The successful and safe removal of the structures is a great accolated for all parties involved in the project and a clear sign of the one team ethos, professionalism and diligence of the entire project team.

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