A day at the office of an Intern

The course of an internship typically lasts 6 months at Saltwater Engineering. Throughout these 6 months, interns are given the opportunity to work alongside experienced naval and marine engineers. They are able to experience first hand what it is like to work in the fast growing naval and marine industry. As intern, Cornè’s main tasks include preparing, modifying, and finalizing structural drawings.

Meet the team picture of Corné Heuvelman an Engineer at Saltwater Engineering

“The experience and knowledge of my colleagues is what spoke to me most when deciding on the company where I wanted to do my internship. At Saltwater Engineering, an internship means you receive many responsibilities, which has allowed me to continuously develop my skills as a draftsman. It is clear that Saltwater Engineering values the growth and development of their employees. Upon completing my internship, I have been given the opportunity to continue my work at Saltwater, whilst completing the last phase of my college education.”

A day at the office of an Intern

09:00 Project briefing

New projects enter the office on a daily basis. As intern, I get to work on many different projects, providing my support where necessary. I start my day with a meeting with one of the Project Engineers, who briefs me on the projects and what is required by me.

10:00 Structural drawing

Once briefed on the project, I can start to work on delivering drawings for constructions and foundations that are used in the naval engineering projects. Throughout the course of my internship I have learned valuable Draftsman skills, as I am now able to construct both 2D and 3D drawings using modeling programs such as AutoCAD, ShipConstructor, and Rhinoceros.



12:00 Feedback

When i’m finished with the drawing I link back with the Project Engineer. During a short meeting I receive valuable feedback on my work. Working side-by-side with an experiences Project Engineer allows me to gain insights that are extremely valuable to me as a student. Projects at Saltwater Engineering are always different, therefore I constantly learn new things.

13:00 Lunch time

Lunch time is always vibrant at the office. This is a good moment to relax and speak with other employees about the interesting projects they are working on. Although lunchtime conversations are mostly lighthearted, lunchtime is a good time to ask experienced engineers, draftsmen and even the direction members for advice on my current project. Lunch always ends in a fun game of table football with other employees.



14:00 Implement feedback

In the afternoon it’s time for me to implement feedback and improve my initial drawings. Drawings I make range from simple 2D foundations to complex 3D modeling of structures, therefore the time it takes to implement this feedback ranges from project.



16:00 Present new drawings

The open work space in the office allows me to link back with the Project Engineer on a regular basis. Once I have implemented all feedback I present my new drawings. It is important that the drawings are entirely correct, not only in terms of the calculations, but they should also conform to the layout suitable for Saltwater Engineering — the drawings should look attractive to the customers.



17:00 Structural drawings sent out

As intern at Saltwater Engineering both you, and the work you deliver, are taken serious. When my drawings have received the stamp of approval, they are sent out to all relevant stakeholders. Being part of the design process, it gives me a real rush seeing the drawing I made come to life in our projects.

Our vacancies

Structural Engineer

To further strengthen our team Saltwater Engineering is looking for a Structural Engineer to support the design and engineering works that are completed at our office.


To further strengthen our team Saltwater Engineering is looking for a Draftsman. As a draftsman you will prepare, modify and finalize structural drawings.