A day at the office of a Project Engineer

Wouter was first introduced to Saltwater Engineering in 2011, when he chose to complete his internship in Saltwater Engineering’s dynamic, creative and stimulating work environment. Saltwater Engineering’s annual Training Budget allowed him to continue working in the office whilst completing his college education. Given the opportunity to develop, Wouter has been able to grow to a Project Engineer.

“When a project enters the office, it is assigned to one of Saltwater Engineering’s Project Engineers. As Project Engineer, I am given the responsibility to manage the entire course of a project, from drawing board to implementation. My tasks involve certifications, generating deadlines, communicating with involved stakeholders, quality-control and delivering customer satisfaction. To design projects from the start and then actually seeing it on board is quite the rush.”

A day at the office of a Project Engineer

09:00 Fresh coffee

Typically, my day starts at the coffee machine. This is where I have a chance to socialize with my colleagues before starting my day.



10:00 Time to move a bridge

Time to work on a case that has just entered our office. One of our clients requires a customized engineering solution for a challenge they are facing in the industry. The challenge? To perform load out assessments, stability calculations and a mooring analysis for the transport and load out of various bridge parts from two different building locations to her final resting position in Utrecht.



11:00 Deliver under pressure

After having sat down with the client, a clearer vision of the challenge has been sketched and deadlines have been set. The demand for the services supplied by Saltwater Engineering continues to increase exponentially. The timespans given for projects that enter our office are becoming shorter, thus much flexible thinking is constantly required. To ensure our deadlines are met, our engineers and draftsmen often work parallel to each other, meaning that there is a constant flow of communication and feedback between colleagues throughout the course of our projects.



12:00 Brainstorm session

Time to sit down with one of our directors and draftsmen. Combining strengths, knowledge and experience to find the most suitable solution for such a extraordinary challenge. One thing I learned since day one at Saltwater Engineering is that everything is possible!


13:00 Lunch time & table football

Lunch is always a great time to recharge, relax, and clear the mind before starting the second part of your day. At Saltwater Engineering we usually work under time pressure, but we also value taling our time to relax during lunch time. After finishing our food, we quickly stop by our game room where we have some time to work on our table football skills.



15:00 Stakeholder contact

After having thoroughly analyzed the case, generating tailor-made, clever solutions for the challenge, it is time for me to link back with the client. At Saltwater Engineering we find it important to not only maintain short communication lines within the office, but also with our clients. Constant communication throughout the course of a project results in a clear and successful collaboration between us and the involved stakeholders.


17:00 Reflection

At Saltwater everything moves at a fast pace. At the end of the day I take time to reflect on everything that was completed that day. Making sure we are on track on moving in the right direction to guarantee customer satisfaction and deliver successful, often ‘unthinkable’ solutions.


Our vacancies

Structural Engineer

To further strengthen our team Saltwater Engineering is looking for a Structural Engineer to support the design and engineering works that are completed at our office.


To further strengthen our team Saltwater Engineering is looking for a Draftsman. As a draftsman you will prepare, modify and finalize structural drawings.