A day at the office of a Management Team Member

As one of the three co-founding managers of Saltwater Engineering, Mike’s workdays are always diverse. As management team member, his responsibilities are to deliver support during the manufacturing and delivery process of a maritime product, concerning both internal and external communication.

“The services Saltwater Engineering provides are in high demand, that is why it is of key importance for us to stay innovative, creative and flexible. Project timelines continue to shorten, where our short lines of communication come into play. Our open workspace and flat hierarchy spark work floor conversations, allowing collaborative, innovative thinking, where no one hesitates to step in and assist colleagues by offering feedback and advice.”

A day at the office of a Management Team Member

09:00 Fresh coffee

Although no day is the same at Saltwater Engineering, every day starts with a fresh cup of coffee. A great moment to chat with colleagues, check mails, and start off the day with some inventory.



10:00 Work floor conversation

Conversation sparks on the work floor about complex solutions required for a new project. A short, impromptu meeting with one of our Project Engineers allows me to give my advice. Overseeing all projects that are delivered by our marine engineers, I gain insights and experience on an extensive list of possible, often ‘unthinkable’ solutions.



11:00 Board meeting

Much of our work is delivered under pressure — Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen constantly work paralel to each other. To ensure a controlled overview of all projects and clients I sit down with the other management team members of Saltwater Engineering. In meetings like these we review all projects that are currently operational in our office, making sure we are on track to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.


13:00 Team lunch

At Saltwater Engineering we find it important to have lunch with the entire team. This allows us to create an informal yet professional atmosphere — as a means to create a tight-knit team. The projects we work on are always challenging, therefore they require team spirit. When needed, we expect everyone to get involved and ensure the job gets done. This successful teamwork is partly a consequence of the casual, informal atmosphere in our office.



15:00 Business meeting

To ensure clear, direct communication between Saltwater Engineering and our clients, we value business meetings. Depending on the project, these meetings can take place both at our office or at the client’s office. During these meeting we elaborate on subjects such as the project, progress, client desires, and deadlines.

17:00 Design reports

When projects are finalized, I start writing the design reports. These reports are valuable for both our employees and our clients as they are a means to summarize the work that Saltwater Engineering has delivered for the client.

Our vacancies

Structural Engineer

To further strengthen our team Saltwater Engineering is looking for a Structural Engineer to support the design and engineering works that are completed at our office.


To further strengthen our team Saltwater Engineering is looking for a Draftsman. As a draftsman you will prepare, modify and finalize structural drawings.