Commercial (transport) Shipping Market

The mainstay of the commercial shipping sector is the transportation of cargo;
from bulk cargo to specialized single cargos.

Commercial (transport) shipping market

Commercial shipping covers the transportation of cargo using vessels; this can be further broken down into break and bulk cargos. Break cargo are goods that must be loaded individually, and not in containers nor in bulk as with oil or grain. The market segment that is of interest to Saltwater is the specialized break cargo sector, large and heavy cargoes that require a unique solution per individual case. The loading method can be a heavy lift, Ro-Ro or Flo-Flo configuration and in some cases even a combination of these methods.


Ro-Ro is an acronym for Roll-on/roll-off. Ro-Ro loading is an operation where the cargo is loaded onto the vessel using to wheeled transport system such SMPT’s (Self Propelled Modular Transporter). Ro-Ro cargoes can vary significantly in size and weight and involve detailed calculations during the loading operation such as ballast calculation to compensate for the load, mooring analysis and deck strength calculations.


As the acronym already suggest Flo-Flo is a float on/float off loading operation. Basically two main types of Flo-Flo vessels are in operation, the specialist semi-submersible vessels and standard pontoons that are modified to each loading situation. A floating cargo is positioned over the Flo-Flo vessel, the vessel hen discharges ballast water and slowly rises lifting the floating cargo out of the water. The Flo-Flo operations involve calculations for ballast and stability as well as diverse strength calculations.

Seafastening and supporting structures

When unique cargoes are transported special attention needs to be paid to the supporting structures such as load spreading grillages and seafastening of the cargo to withstand the vessel motions. Saltwater Engineering has completed a huge diversity of transport and seafastening calculations ranging from transition pieces to entire topsides with a weight in excess of 13.000 tons. One of solutions that meet the client and cargo requirements and fulfil the criteria laid down by the marine warranty surveyors are challenges that our engineers gladly tackle.

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