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Saltwater - Wouter Besemer

Wouter Besemer

Lead Engineer

Q: When did you start working at Saltwater Engineering?

A: June 2011

Q: Any hobbies? Sports? And how do you spend your free time?

A: Besides family life, home improvement etc.. I like going for a run and cycling. After the workout or at night i enjoy a couple of craft beers!

Q: How would you best describe the Saltwater Engineering culture?

A : There is a sense of togetherness, no isolated islands but just work together to get the job done and not afraid to help someone with a challenge.

Q: What was your most fun project and why?

A: I can’t really choose one specific project, but if I have to… SE-1343: Designing an A-frame, a project that I worked on from start till the end. The challenges with regard to certification, making deadlines, communicating with involved stakeholders, quality-control and delivering customer satisfaction at all times really taught me alot. 

Q: Who is your favorite fiction figure?

A: Tony Stark

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