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Saltwater - Lennart Karsijns

Lennart Karsijns


Q: When did you start working at Saltwater Engineering?

A: February 2021

Q: Any hobbies? Sports? And how do you spend your free time?

A: In the winter I like to go speed skating and in the summer I like to sail my boat when it’s nice weather.

Q: How would you best describe the Saltwater Engineering culture?

A: A very open culture where you can ask anyone for help when you have a challenge with a project.

Q: What was your most fun project and why?

A: I am currently writing my thesis. I will be conducting a research to find the optimum main dimensions for an inland tanker that is powered by hydrogen. The goal is to transport as much cargo with as little fuel usage as possible. I like the project because it contributes to bringing clean shipping a step closer.

Q: Who is your favorite fiction figure? 

A: Sherlock Holmes

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