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Saltwater - Corné Heuvelman

Corné Heuvelman


Q: When did you start working at Saltwater Engineering?

A: Februari 2017

Q: Any hobbies? Sports? And how do you spend your free time?

A: I like to go to the fitness in my free time and also to take a run when the weather is nice outside.

Q: How would you best describe the Saltwater Engineering culture?

A: I would describe Saltwater Engineering as a informal, but also very skilled and professional company.

Q: What was your most fun project and why?

A: Working on projects for Fugro, because it was a combination from 3d drawing and making construction drawings for me. It was one of the first projects that I have worked on. After the project was built I saw the result and its nice to see the project in reality.

Q: Who is your favorite fiction figure? 

A: James Bond

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