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Fully skilled professionals who together form a specialized naval engineering team, active in all markets related to the naval industry: yachting, offshore, repair, heavy lift and commercial shipping. The team’s different background enables Saltwater Engineering to deliver innovative solutions to a broad range of engineering challenges.

Saltwater - Sander Broekmeulen

Sander Broekmeulen

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Bas Lokken

Bas Lokken

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Wouter Besemer

Wouter Besemer

Lead Engineer

Saltwater - Robin Bongaarts

Robin Bongaarts


Saltwater - Corné Heuvelman

Corné Heuvelman


Saltwater - George Golea

George Golea

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Dick Soeters

Dick Soeters

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Vincent Oudakker

Vincent Oudakker

Project Engineer

Saltwater - Marc de Wit

Marc de Wit


Saltwater - Marleen Holster

Marleen Holster


Saltwater - Gerrit Verstrate

Gerrit Verstrate

Draftsman/Design Engineer

Saltwater - Erik Meijers

Erik Meijers


Saltwater - Lucas Lammers

Lucas Lammers


Saltwater - Wouter Versteeg

Wouter Versteeg

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Anninka Vermeij-Bakker

Anninka Vermeij


Saltwater - Maarten van Noorloos

Maarten van Noorloos

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Martijn Korver

Martijn Korver

Naval Architect

Saltwater - Douwe Jan Bokhoven

Douwe Jan Bokhoven

Junior Engineer

Saltwater - Patrick van Oord

Patrick van Oord

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Saltwater - Lennart Karsijns

Lennart Karsijns


Saltwater - Levi Luijendijk

Levi Luijendijk

Sales Engineer

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